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Why us?

RED Tech started business in the heart of the Bay Area as a solution for rapid CNC components prototyping and production facility. We have 15 years of CNC expertise that allows us to cost-effective manufacture the most complicated designs. On top of that, typical process control ensures that every product meets specification from the start. Over the past few years, RED Tech has ascended to the forefront of CNC Machining. As a versatile team of perfectionist, we have earned as one of the most reliable CNC Shop in the industry. Our technicians have vast knowledge to setup and run components attending to your every specifications; including all post processing such as heat treatment and plating. As the ultimate solution for all your product needs, we guarantee unbeatable service backed by many years of knowledge and expertise. By continually improving our CNC equipment and technology, you won’t find a CNC shop that match our quality or cost anywhere else.

Customer First

RED Tech places customer satisfaction as our #1 goal.  We value quality just as much as you do. All machined parts are rigorously check to meet engineering drawings. Our processes and procedures ensure that every batch is reliable and consistent. As one of the few CNC machining companies to provide OEM parts to our customers, it’s easy to see why RED Tech is a leading name in machining for tech companies like yours.

ISO9001 Certified

iso 9001


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